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The quality policy of BODERM PHARMACEUTICAL SA is to offer pharmaceutical, cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements of high and stable quality, which will meet the expectations of its customers, the regulations of the European Union and the regulatory authorities of the country where they are available. We are committed to maintaining an effective quality management system (QMS), as well as the conscious and continuous training of our staff. The company’s vision is to establish itself in the market through the satisfaction of customers, suppliers, partners, employees, but also the social space that is affected by its operation. The company is committed to providing its customers with consistent quality products through the implementation of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. The implementation of this commitment is achieved through the coordinated efforts of the company’s Management and staff, to establish the optimal organizational structure and its procedures.

The management of the company declares that it is committed to:

  • communicate the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives for its products to all staff, while ensuring that they are understood and accepted by all
  • to take the necessary measures for the implementation of the Policy and the achievement of the Quality Objectives
  • to continuously ensure the provision of the resources required for the implementation of the Quality Objectives
  • to comply with State and Community Legislation in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices as well as nutritional supplements

The company’s quality policy aims to:

  • satisfying the requirements of its customers in terms of products and services provided
  • compliance of the products with the applicable approved technical specifications
  • continuous improvement of the QMS, products and operations through appropriate improvement actions
  • improving relationships with suppliers and partners

The objectives are monitored, through the quality indicators and targets, by the Quality Management Officer and the relevant executives and through the QMS Review by the Management too.